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09 December 2009 @ 04:05 pm
Flash player & Opera в Linux Debian  

Единственная рабочая для меня инструкция по запуску флеш плеера+ при 64мб озу пришлось удалять все лишние процессы на серваке.
1.Качаю пакет 200мб архива с адоб. http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=tn_14266
2.Извлекаю оттуда архив под линукс второй снизу версия Flash flashplayer_9r124_linux.tar.gz размер 8115888
3.http://arc.opera.com/pub/opera/ качаю оперу 9.50 не бета билд 2042 (входит в указанный диапазон)
4. в /usr/lib/opera/plugins помещаю один файлик libflashplayer.so из скачанного архива. в папке больше ничего нет.
5. в настройках оперы проверяю чтобы была указанная папка и перезапускаю ее. При свободном ОЗУ (у меня 64мб) все работает!!!

You're probably here because flash doesn't work in your Opera installation on linux. The short story is this:


  • Opera 9.27 + Flash (with issues, but it works)

  • Opera 9.5 build >=1823 + Flash

  • Opera 9.5 beta 2 + Flash

Does NOT work:

  • Opera 9.27 + Flash >=

  • Opera 9.5 beta + flash >=

Now for the long story...

On December 4th 2007, adobe introduced a new version of Flash. This version uses a new specification to embed plugin content. csant has a nice writeup about that. The problem here is that Opera's stable branch (9.27 at the time of writing) doesn't support this new way of embedding plugins. Since the stable branch won't get an update to make it work with the spec, people using Opera (and other QT based browsers, like Konqueror) are stuck with Flash

If you want the new flash version to work in Opera, you need to use a 9.5 build with a buildnumber the same or greater than 1823. Note that the beta that was released of 9.5 has a lower buildnumber than 1823 [1] and as a result does NOT support the new plugin. At the time of writing the last available snapshot build is 1904.

The old Flash versions should be available from the adobe kb site. To get the old version working in 9.27:

  • Extract the appropriate archive

  • Put the .so file in Opera's plugin dir (most likely /usr/lib/opera/plugins)

  • Check opera:config#UserPrefs|PluginPath for the paths Opera searches for plugins.

  • In all those directories, there should only be one flash plugin. Either remove the file from the dir or remove the path from the Plugin Path (keeping the Opera plugin dir whatever you do, and pressing save at the bottom after editing the path). If there are plugins in other dirs you want to keep but they also have a flash plugin, you can create a symlink in Opera's plugin dir to that file.

  • Restart Opera

If you can't find the old plugin on the adobe site, drop by on irc://irc.opera.com/opera and ask for it. I keep a copy myself but because of limited upstream bandwidth I don't give it out on the web.

For questions and support, I suggest the forums and irc. This is a blog and therefore not really suited for user support.

[1] Yes, I know there are builds below 1823 that work, but putting all of that in would only be confusing. Moreover, why use such an old build in the first place?
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